Packaging Advice When Moving in Ajman

April 24, 2024 Moving Tips and Guides

If you take care of packing your household goods yourself, we will give you a number of moving tips in accordance with our own working method. Thanks to our years of experience in the moving industry, you can assume that the advice below will undoubtedly contribute to a smooth and problem-free move in Ajman – United Arab Emirates.

Packaging Advice
Packaging Advice
Pack everything that can fit in boxes
      • Trash cans, speaker boxes, lampshades, etc., usually fit in moving boxes.
When wrapping dishes
      • Use supplied wrapping paper.
      • Place plates on their side in the box and wrap them in wrapping paper.
      • Fill any space with lighter household items such as glasses, wrapped in wrapping paper.
Always place the books upright in a box
      • Prevents torn spines.
      • Fill the bottom of the box with books and the rest with light, non-fragile goods.
      • Ensure boxes are completely filled.
Household items that just don’t fit in a box
      • Leave top flaps open.
      • Items like plants may fit in boxes with open flaps.
      • Avoid having too many open boxes due to loading considerations.
Code or number the boxes
      • Write on supplied labels and stick them on the side of the box.
      • Assign room numbers or use room terms for labeling.
All bulky soft items
      • Wrap in plastic or garbage bags to prevent dirtiness.
Cloakroom boxes are available
      • For hanging clothes, provided by our employees on the day of the move.
Pack the smaller paintings
      • Use moving boxes or open boxes.
      • Larger paintings and mirrors will have dedicated cases on the day of the move.
Please do not put tape on the boxes
      • Avoid using tape on boxes.
Make sure that everything that fits in moving boxes
      • Ensure all items are in moving boxes on the day of the move.
      • Contact us in advance if you need additional moving boxes.
On the day of the move, ensure there is sufficient parking space
      • Adequate parking space in front of the door for the moving van.

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