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House Movers or Office Relocation

Not looking to move? Do you just need a team to help do the heavy lifting? We can help. If you’re just looking to rearrange furniture in your home or equipment in your office, Ajman Movers would be more than happy to do the moving for you. Schedule us for time and date that you need, and we will show up with the personnel and equipment needed to get the job done as quickly and painlessly as possible. Ajman Movers always has affordable prices and strives to always bring our customers a competitive mover cost.  Our team strives to bring you the most pleasant and stress-free moving experience. Packing and moving is what we do.


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Commercial Relocation

At Ajman Movers, we have the equipment and trained professionals needed to safely and efficiently relocate your entire business. Countless businesses in the Ajman area have trusted us for their moving needs and our track record speaks for itself. We have helped businesses of all shapes and sizes transition smoothly into their new space. We offer solutions to all of your specific and unique needs including but not limited to specialty packing supplies, complicated equipment moves, or unique and heavy furnishings. From retail stores to medical facilities and industrial shops to educational locations, we have you covered with our expert staff of experienced professionals.


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Villa Movers

Our priority at Ajman Movers is to provide top-notch, personalized customer service. We will customize your move to the exact needs of your household in your Villa. No detail is overlooked and no request is out of the question. From the largest piece of furniture to the smallest accessory, we will take every precaution necessary to ensure all of your belongings arrive in your new home safely and quickly. With our extensive fleet of trucks and vans, no household move or villa move is too large or too small. Our movers take great pride in treating every home, every customer, and every piece of furniture with the care and respect needed to carefully and expertly complete every move.


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Packing / Unpacking

Isn’t it amazing when you realize how much stuff you truly have when it comes time to packing it all up? Packing all of your belongings and getting it ready to move can be a daunting and time-consuming task at best, and at worst it can be an absolute nightmare. Let our team at Ajman Movers relieve some of that burden for you by allowing us to do all of your packing and unpacking for you. We will carefully and meticulously store all of your belongings into ship safe containers so that you can rest assured that nothing becomes damaged in transit. everything will be well organized exactly where you’d like it.

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Our services


We won’t leave until you are completely satisfied. Complete customer support and satisfaction is our number one goal when completing your move.

On time

Ajman Movers know the importance of your precious time, once confirmed our team will be at your door at appointed time & schedule.

Job Completion

Ajman Movers is the number one trusted moving company in the Emirates, and we always guarantee a safe and satisfactory job as we transport your belongings. ​

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Do it yourself

Would you like to do the packing yourself? We have all the supplies you need. We can supply you with just about any size or shape of box you would need, specifically suited to your belongings.

International Move

If you are looking for international move, Ajman Movers has the capacity and ability to do this at the most affordable rates coupled with complete satisfaction from handling to delivering your goods.


Our full-service moving company can complete every step of the moving process for you. We will carefully take inventory of all of your possessions as we meticulously organize your items into appropriate sized boxes.


Leaving town with your move? We can accommodate long-distance moves. Just moving neighborhoods or office buildings? We’ve got you covered. Let Ajman Movers take the worry out of transporting everything you own and remove the pain of packing and moving for you.

Peace of Mind


Ajman Movers is second to none when it comes to offering a full-service shifting houses in Ajman, moving furniture of large scale.

We sort, box, pack, and load all of your furnishings, items, supplies or equipment at your current address anywhere in the United Arab Emirates. Then safely transport all of your belongings to the new address and unload, unpack, sort and organize everything to your specific requests.


Whether you are moving a single room, apartment, home, office or large work area, we have what is needed to get the job done quickly and safely. No need to navigate narrow, awkward staircases. No need to lift heavy, clunky equipment or furniture. No need to spend endless hours packing and taping, just to unpack and un-tape when you get to your new building. Hire a team to do all of that for you, in a small fraction of the time.


Hiring a moving company can be a difficult process especially when trying to find someone you can trust. Fortunately, our stellar track record of wonderful customer service speaks for itself. In Ajman Movers, we have countless happy customers that have trusted us with the labor and care needed to transport their priceless possessions. We have the service personnel and equipment needed to complete any move, big or small, and any home or business no matter the shape or size.


Everything will be labeled and positioned safely into our moving vans thoroughly secured for transit. All of your furnishings will be appropriately protected in transit as well, and we guarantee that your belongings will be just as they were when they left the original location. Or maybe you just need us to pack a single room or would like us to pack just the most fragile items. Some customers have had us just come in to finish up where they left off. No matter how much or how little you’d like us to pack, we’re more than happy to help.


Our #1 priority at Ajman Movers is outstanding customer service. We know that moving day can be stressful and a lot of hard labor if you are left doing it on your own. We want to take that burden from you by providing a second to none moving service with a team of highly trained and highly motivated professionals who would be happy to do the work for you. So kick back, relax and enjoy your next move by calling our team at Ajman Movers.

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