Is it worth paying for packing when moving?

July 3, 2022 Moving Insights

Moving is costly, therefore people do what they can to cut cost. One of the most effective ways to reduce the cost of moving is to perform all the work themselves. Therefore, instead hiring full-service moving companies, most people opt to employ part-time moving services and handle a few the moving chores by themselves.

One of the jobs most often completed without assistance from a professional is packing. It is logical to pack your belongings yourself (as you’ll handle your belongings with care and organize them in a manner that you value and that nobody else are allowed to touch your personal belongings) It could save you hundreds of dollars during your relocation.

But, self-packing poses an increased risk (you might not be able pack your possessions in a safe manner) and takes an enormous amount of effort and time. You might not possess the patience (or the motivation) to take care of packing your entire house – or you might not wish to risk the safety of your most prized items.

Consider the following pointers while paying for packing

      • Does it really matter if you pay for packaging? Isn’t it an expense?
      • It all depends on the circumstances as well as what you personally prefer.
      • Find out the reasons – and when hiring packers is really worth the cost.

Advantages to hiring professional packing services

Professional packing services will not just help you save time and energy but will also ensure your move is more secure and efficient. It soothes your mind to the core.

Safety and Security

There are many great reasons to hire packers but the safety of your belongings is, certainly the most important:

    • Professional packers are trained extensively They possess the expertise and the expertise to pack various household objects in the most safest and most efficient manner possible.
    • Professional packers make use of high-quality packing materials that offer optimal protection to the items they pack.
    • Professional packers have years of experiences dealing with all types of things, therefore they are well-equipped to manage every object within a house and also how to make sure it is safe when moving.
    • Professional packers are fully aware of the potential mistakes and risks that could arise when they pack for moving They are able to stay clear of these risks.


Alongside giving your belongings the highest level of protection possible for the move, professional packing experts can also make the process easier for you:

    • The pros will handle all the task (wrapping fragile objects, packing things as well as labeling and sealing the boxes as well as taking apart furniture, wrapping larger household items as well as taking care of the more unique items and so on. ) So you don’t have to do anything — The professionals will complete the task in a matter of hours, whether on moving day or prior to.
    • There’s no requirement to store anything prior to the move and you’ll be able to access all of your belongings up until the day of your relocation and won’t be for weeks in boxes that have already been packed.

Less stress

Professional packing services can reduce the amount of moving burden off your shoulders:

    • You don’t need concern about security of your belongings because they’ll be packed expertly and secured to the highest standards — There’s no need to worry about timing, since there is no chance that your belongings aren’t in good condition for shipping on the move day. The pros will take care of packing your home in a single day.
    • You’ll be able to rest in sense of security knowing that experienced packers and moving companies offer moving insurance and take responsibility for any damage or loss incurred during the move.
    • The good news might sound professional packing services can cost quite a bit the cost for hiring packers is around AED 60/hour for a single person moving locally. If you are moving across the country and packing services are required, it can cost anywhere from AED 400 to AED 600 (for 2 bedrooms in a home)

Are hiring packers worthwhile If so, is it worth it?

Majority of people believe in saying Yes. It is extremely advantageous (as described in the previous paragraph) and can help you save money, even with the cost of professional packing services:

    • The pros will load your belongings efficiently they can and will make the most of the space inside the moving boxes . As a result, your possessions will fit into less boxes. That means you’ll require less packing supplies & your cost of packing will be less with loading and unloading will go more efficient (your moving will take less time, and you’ll pay less by hour) Additionally, your cargo will be less crowded within the moving truck (you’ll be paying less for sharing the space of your moving truck with other people).
    • Your belongings will be properly well-packed, which means you won’t have to pack them again at the last minute and you won’t have to lose money doing it. If certain boxes aren’t properly packed moving companies may not be able to load them onto the truck due to safety concerns The boxes will need to be repacked, and you’ll need to be paid by the moving company for time they took waiting for you to complete the job or hire them to complete the work for you.
    • Your possessions will be protected with the best protection, which means they’ll most likely make it through the move in good health and safety You won’t have to cover repair or replacing. If an accident occurs and your belongings become damaged or lost The insurance for moving will reimburse you.

Now that you know the advantages and disadvantages of hiring packers have to consider the specifics that apply to your particular situation and decide whether the cost of professional packing is worth the cost for your particular situation.

When should you consider hiring packers?

It’s based on the type of things you’ll need to move, the distance you’re moving, as well as the time available to get ready for the move.

Professional packing is the best option in the event of:

1.) There isn’t the time to put your things in storage

Moving your home requires quite a long time, it’s time you don’t be able to:

It is possible that you have to relocate at a moment’s notice and might only have a few weeks (or just a couple of days) to prepare to move. It’s extremely challenging to say the least, and at times even impossible (if you live in a huge home, don’t have leave from work, do not have help from anyone or assist you, etc.) It is difficult to pack your home in such a short period of time and also take the care of other crucial move-related tasks (See the following article How to plan an emergency move How to pack your home for a move within one day);

There is a chance that you have a huge family and might not be able take good care of each one of your belongings until the day you moving.

2) You’re moving difficult-to-pack items

There are some things that are easy to carry around since they’re easily damaged and will likely survive the move, even if they’re not equipped with adequate protection (clothes books, shoes toy, linens and so on )

Some other things are extremely delicate and require special packing (and often, specialized packing materials) to ensure that they remain secure and unharmed when moving:

    • Fragile products – everything that is composed of crystal, glass porcelain, or any other broken materials
    • Musical instruments, artworks antiques.
    • Sensitive products – electronics as well as other devices that have components that are sensitive to heat vibrations, humidity, etc. Specialty items such as grandfather clocks, tables for pool hot tubs, etc.
    • Heavy and large items such as appliances, furniture and more.

Professional packers have the expertise and knowledge to manage these items with care and efficiency. They know the right packing methods and the best packing materials to utilize to ensure maximum security during the relocation. Furthermore, professional packers provide specific services, like customized crating that could make the difference between security and damage to fragile objects. If you are residing in Ajman, then Movers in Ajman is the best opt for your residential, furniture and villa moves.

3) You’re moving long distance

When you’re moving for a long distance your possessions will be in transit for a lengthy period of time and therefore more susceptible to injury (there is more jostling as well as more shocks and vibrations as well as longer exposure to cold or hot and cold, etc. ) Therefore, they have to be packed as securely as you can (well-cushioned and completely immobilized within the boxes for moving, and well-protected from extreme temperatures and moisture) A professional packing is the safest option that is.

4.) It’s not easy to be confident about your packing abilities

If you’re unsure if that you’ll be able to pack your belongings in a safe manner, you might not want to take the risk:

    • You might not have any previous packing experience.
    • You might not be aware of the techniques to pack your items using for various kinds of goods;
    • It is possible that you do not have enough supplies for packing;
    • It is possible that you don’t have the patience (or strength, or or skill, etc.) to take care of each item;
    • You might show no interest for the task.

5) The issue of money is not an issue

If you are able to manage professional packing services, or a full-service moving service there’s no reason to put in the effort and put at risk the security of your possessions by packing your own items.

In other words, to summarize: Is it worth it to pay for packing during moving? It’s dependent on the circumstances however if you’re trying to ease the stress of moving and the chance of causing damaging your belongings, employing professional packing experts is worth it.

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